On the outside, everything looks just fine. But, on the inside you are riddled with guilt, never feeling like you are enough.

  • You are juggling your husband, family, job and side-hustle.
  • When you’re working on your business - you’re guilty about not spending time with your family. When you are with your family, you feel guilty that you are not spending time on your business.
  • You have no hobbies, no time to do things you enjoy, and no idea what you would do if you actually had time to do things you enjoy.
  • You don’t sleep well, struggle to fuel your body with what it needs.
  • Taking care of your mind and body are distant thoughts you keep telling yourself you’ll get to..SOMEDAY.


Early on in my marriage, I resented my husband for having a life he seemed to enjoy while I was stuck at home taking care of my son. I felt guilty for thinking that way, but it was true.

Then - a few years into building my business - I felt guilty again. This time it was for the time I spent working on my business. Although my family was enjoying the monetary benefits my business brought - I felt like I was robbing them of the wife and mom they deserved.

That’s when I decided to get things back on track. I put into practice some daily habits that changed the game for me. I dealt with my mindset issues, found some hobbies and learned how to get intentional in my business, marriage, family and home.

I slowly began to see that this guilt ridden life style wasn’t unique to me. So many of the women I worked with seemed to be dealing with the same types of struggles.

That's where "Choose YOU" was born.

This program is designed to help ambitious women like you:

  • Assess “what you are thinking” - and understand the power of your habits of thought
  • Examine your stress level in the 4 key areas of your life
  • Learn how to push through the discomfort of change
  • Create affirmations for your day
  • FINALLY Kick the Guilt
  • Evaluate how you are spending your time and what is on YOUR plate
  • Cure the disease of BUSY
  • Understand that NO is a complete sentence and the power of using it
  • Learn what REALLY fills your cup
  • Understand the importance of having true FANS of YOU!

In this self-paced course, you will get:

•My proven 5 step program teaching you how to make yourself a priority WITHOUT the guilt in simple, easily consumable video lessons.

•Audio downloads of each video step so you can listen on the go!

•PDFs and Worksheets with activities for each step.

•Bonus interviews with experts discussing the Choose YOU framework valued at over $2,000

At the end of "Choose YOU" you will:

•No longer feel like life is happening to you, but that you are intentionally living and thriving in your day to day activities.

•Develop the habits needed to be the best business owner, wife and mom you can be.


  • 1

    Busy women juggling home, work and business

    Think you're going crazy in every place? This course is for you!

  • 2

    Direct Sellers not sure how to grow their business without sacrificing their life

    Tired of spinning your wheels only to see little to no results while losing out on your precious family time? This will help!

  • 3

    Women who are ready to figure out who they are apart from being a wife and mom

    If you're feeling like you aren't your best self, this course can help you figure out YOU!

  • 4

    Any woman who feels enslaved by her own busy-ness

    Busy-ness is a disease! Let Choose YOU help you kick that disease!

  • 5

    The people pleaser living someone else’s dream, not their own

    You'll never be happy trying to please everyone! If you focus on YOU though, you'll get there fast!

Choose YOU will help you find your footing, kick guilt to the curb and show up as the best version of yourself...

Even if you think you are too busy and have no time...Even if your spouse doesn't support your business...
Even if you feel like a failure...Even if you are scared to step outside of your comfort zone...
Even if you are scared you won’t follow through...Even if you don’t think you need this!

I am asking you to give yourself, your family and your business a few hours of your time, a small investment and a tiny leap of faith.


I promise you - if you enroll in "Choose YOU" and do the work, you will be on your way to living life guilt-free and exponentially more fulfilled... just like my past clients.


Sara Cline

Choose YOU showed up at just the RIGHT time for me! I had been struggling with feeling overwhelmed for quite some time. And honestly not sure what to do about it. Like most women, I had been juggling so many commitments and not taking time for me. 

Choose YOU brought clarity and empowered me to take a break, refocus and enjoy my life. This workshop spoke truth and I appreciate Martine for helping me realize I deserve to be a priority.

Sara Cline
Krista Stillwell

Choose You came at just the right time in my personal journey. I had spent the previous 2 years of my life starting my own marketing business and seeking the answer to what my purpose was at the cost of myself and my personal well-being. What I thought I was supposed to do wasn’t making me happy or fulfilled. Instead, it was making me over-busy and tired, not allowing my family and friends to see and experience my best “me.” Martine and the Choose You program specifically spoke to my exact needs at that time: that it’s okay to choose myself over my work and demands on my time, and that a healthy balance can be achieved. My favorite exercise was the 7-Day Jumpstart, where I was able to claim my daily gratitude, me time, and affirmations. This has led to a new daily practice of starting my day off on the right foot of affirmation, reflection in the morning, and a better “me” headed out into the world. I am endlessly grateful that Martine has followed her calling and is helping women just like me reclaim themselves! I would highly recommend the Choose You journey to any woman who struggles with choosing themselves. It is a game changer!

Krista Stillwell
Kara Clouse

“I’ve spent a lot of my days productive, but frustrated because it seemed like all I ever did was check things off of my endless to-do list.  The experiences that Martine shares and the perspective that she builds are valuable reminders that it is, in fact, OKAY (and maybe even better for everyone…) to love our life and enjoy our time (even *gasp* when the to-do list isn’t done!).”

Kara Clouse
Kay Jacobsen

Choose You has allowed me to Choose Me and to finally start putting myself first (or at least in the mix) without feeling guilty!!

Since doing the 5 Steps in Choose You I feel a difference in me!  I have been able to pick out a few things that I really like to do and make sure that I spend 20-30 minutes each day taking pleasure in doing these things.

I feel more motivated to take care of me and to ask for help when I need it.  At our house I do 98% of everything (cooking, grocery shopping, bills, cleaning, laundry, you get it) and this is on top of working full-time and doing my Direct Sales business.  I have reached out to my husband and he is helping me more and more all the time.  I have learned to ask, “Do you want to fold the clothes or do the dishes,” rather than just say, “Can you help me” and he takes this better too! Yay!!

Change doesn’t happen overnight and I am for sure a work in progress.  I was doing good on the two things I picked for the 21 Days to Form a Habit and fell off at about day 12 but 3 days later I jumped right back on and it’s going good!!!  

Thank you so much Martine for creating Choose You and I look forward to the changes ahead!!!

Kay Jacobsen
Mandy Hunley

Choose You came into my life at the right time!    I have been working on “finding myself” for a few years now but not really knowing what to do.  I felt like I kept going back to the same routine/pattern.  Going through the steps of Choose You, I’ve learned how and when to make time for ME!  The biggest thing for me was dealing with the GUILT I felt!  Learning how to change my mindset was a weight lifted off my shoulders!  After going through all the steps of Choose You, I feel like I am living my life how I would like to live it!!!  Happy, better mindset and loving “my time”!!  

Loving life in a whole new way,

Mandy Hunley
Amy Clark

Hey all!! So, it took me a bit to post in this group, or “put myself/stuff out there”. However, I would like to share a story with you. It’s about PUSHING THROUGH THE GUILT.

I live my life as a mom, wife, caregiver, student. I have spent 5 days away from my husband and kiddos in the past 5 years. If I do mot have my kiddos than I’m with my husband and visa versa. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and my husband is best friend. BUT, the first ti.e u went away from them was this past February when I went to South Carolina. It was a LIFE changing “work” event. But I had a full blown panic attack at the least expected time. Then got stuck due to bad weather.

Fast forward….
I was invited to a Kenny Chesney concert by my sister in-law. I didn’t want to go. Not because I don’t like concerts, or the genre, or the venue, etc. I “didn’t” want to go because of the GUILT I felt.

I DESERVED to go. I SHOULD go. I WANT to go. BUT, what will the kids do, my husband do, what will they eat (I HATE cooking!), what will I have to play catch up on when I get back….the thoughts raced through my head faster than I can have a typical 1 THOUGHT! So I convinced myself I shouldn’t go. “It’s not fair to go have fun when my husband or kids can’t “.

THANKS TO MARTINE AND CHOOSE YOU….i DID choose me, and I went! I had a BLAST! I also found upon return that the kids were alive, my husband had done laundry (who’d have thought that was a thing! Lol), and that I had NOTHING but school work to do!

So I am here to say: No matter WHAT you tell yourself, or try to tell yourself, life is short and you should do it….PUSH THROUGH THE GUILT, allow yourself to have fun, and ENJOY it! Because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I still have work to do and a road ahead but CHOOSING ME was a wonderful idea and I owe it to Martine Nash Williams and my inner strength! 

Amy Clark


Your investment?
Only $197 for the entire course.

  • Imagine waking up - feeling in charge of your day instead of letting life happen.
  • Imagine spending time working on your business, knowing your efforts will actually result in something positive for your family.
  • Imagine spending time with your family, without feeling guilty about not working on your business.
  • Imagine spending time each week doing things you love - just for the sake of doing things you love.
  • Imagine feeling like you are the exact wife, mom and business owner you were designed to be.