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(If you're already a confirmed member of JVZoo, skip to step 2 below)

a. Signup for JVZoo.
b. Check your email to confirm your JVZoo account.
c. Complete your W9, integrate your Paypal within JVZoo and add your mailing address.

Setup your Choose YOU affiliate links

a. Login to JVZoo. Then use the link below to request to join the Choose YOU affiliate program on JVZoo.
b. Find and copy your Affiliate Link for Choose YOU
c. Email this affiliate link to Aaron at so that he can setup your "pretty link" to promote the Choose YOU Sales Page when it goes live!

Affiliate Promotion Ideas & Instructions

a. If you're crafting your own verbiage to promote the Choose YOU Challenge/Launch, we encourage you to leverage "comment keywords" like "me!" or "yes!" or "tell me more!" that asks them to raise their hands in the comments saying they are interested in learning more!

b. Beginning ASAP, do 2-3 social media promotions about the challenge and 2-3 promotions about the Choose YOU launch beginning January 19th.

c. Every person who raises their hand with your "response keywords" creates someone you can follow up with via private message with Choose YOU links. Send everyone who raises their hand about the challenge the link, and then everyone who raises their hand about joining the Choose YOU launch your personal affiliate link (that we'll send you when you follow step 2 above) via private message when it's live on January 19th.

If you need post inspiration for the Challenge/Launch, see the swipe copy below!

Can be used for the Challenge and/or the Launch!